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EMP 2012

I am a professional film, video and new media specialist with over 15 years of experience in production and design, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  My clients in both Canada and the US have consistently praised my skills, dedication, creativity, and attention to detail.  As an expert in the field of video and digital media, my talents and skills enable me to translate my client’s message into a compelling visual experience that will engage their target audience in the most effective way possible.

My mission is to work with my clients to develop and expand their creative vision and I have consistently proven my ability to produce high quality film and video that exceed expectations for craftsmanship, while consistently meeting or beating demanding deadlines.

I have helped produce a large number of projects throughout the years, including engaging corporate videos, high impact web videos, TV commercials,  animations, and much more.  My clients are diverse, and I integrate a variety of skills and approaches to meet their individual needs. Whether I am developing new video ads for the Museum of Anthropology, collaborating and producing videos for the City of Richmond’s Engineering & Public Works Department, establishing a fresh angle for Microsoft Canada (MCDC) to publicize their new location and services or helping promote Team Subaru Rally USA for the X-Games, both my passion and commitment to craftsmanship are evident in all my work.

Ethan Miller Productions was born out of a passion for all things visual and a desire to share that passion with others. Capturing the world around me with video and photographs – be it people, architecture, sports, nature, travel, or dead fish heads on the riverbanks – excites me tremendously – which is why I do it.  When you mix all these elements, the end result is always satisfaction guaranteed.

Some of my clients include:

Subaru Rally Team USA
Targa TV
Dodge Team Viper SRT
Virgin Radio/Astral Media
City of Richmond
On Demand Video/Insider Films
Base Two Media
Inventa World Sales & Promotion
Coastlines Creative
Pin Point Productions
Blink Media Works
Museum of Anthropology – UBC
Microsoft (MCDC)
Resort TV Network
City of Vancouver
Sierra Wireless
Tourism BC
Stepchild Snowboards
Helly Hansen
Uranium 1
BC Innovation Council
Liquor Distribution Board
Whistler Film Festival
Quest University
Resort at Squaw Creek
Powel Skateboards
Momentum Wheels